Advanced Analysis: ArcGIS 9

This course is day four of the GIS Master's Series for Law Enforcement and is designed to provide in-depth coverage of the analytical ability in ArcGIS 9. We will cover the use of ArcMap, ArcCatalog and ArcToolbox. Students will be introduced to the software using law enforcement examples.

Students will be asked prior to class which version they currently have and the class will handle the differences between 8 and 9.

Topics: Join, Relate, Spatial Join, Dissolve, Merge, Clip, Intersect, Union, Find, Sort, Export, Query Expressions, Finding Features using a Graphic, Finding Features using a Radius, Finding Features within a Distance, Select by Location, Manipulating Selected Features, Statistics

Tuition: Tuition for this course is $395 and must be paid in advance to secure a place in the class. Tuition includes instruction, materials and a $50 nonrefundable data processing fee.

Requirements: The student is not required to have experience with ArcGIS. Each student should bring a pencil or pen to assist with the workbook exercises.

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GIS: Advanced Analysis - ArcGIS 9
Course Date Tuition Location Course Code Register
04/19/07 THU 1 Day $395 IL Springfield 0704GM4IL Let's Go!
09/20/07 THU 1 Day $395 CA San Francisco 0709GM4SF Let's Go!

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